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Surviving a Flat Tire With Kids in the Car

Burst tire car
A flat tire with children in the car isn't a winning combination. However, if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, then a little preparation will go a long way. There are steps you can take now to ensure you're prepared for a flat tire or other vehicle mishaps when your kids are in the car. 

Prioritize Maintenance

Low tire pressure increases the threat of failure. When a tire is under-inflated, more of its surface area contacts the ground and generates more friction. Increased friction causes overheating, accelerates wear and ultimately makes the tire give out. The best way to avoid a tire catastrophe is to stay on top of maintenance.

Set a reminder on your smartphone to check your tire pressure monthly. Even if your car has a pressure monitoring system, you should still manually check the reading, as these systems might fail. Check the pressure before you begin driving for an accurate reading. 

Stay Calm

Depending on the age of your child, they might not fully understand the concept of a flat tire, but even a baby can interpret your mood. Your child looks to you for guidance on how to react. As inconvenient as having a flat tire is, you should try to stay calm. When you're frantic, stressed, and agitated, your little ones will probably adopt a similar attitude.

Try your best to remain calm after you've called a tow company to transport your car. Now might be a good time to hop in the backseat with the kids and play a game and if you have the battery power, let them watch one of their favorite cartoons on your phone. When you stay calm, your child will remain calm too. 

Head to Safety

The primary goal should be to stay safe. If you can do so safely, you need to move the vehicle off the road, especially if it's dark outside. Much of a driver's ability to react and avoid a collision has to do with their ability to see clearly. Since darkness makes it harder to see, sitting on the road in a stalled vehicle becomes much more dangerous.

If you're on the street, then try to pull into a business parking lot. A business parking lot is well-lit, and if your children need to use the restroom while waiting, then you're within walking distance.

If you get a flat tire on the highway, don't pull over onto the shoulder. Get in the far-right lane and drive your car slowly to the next exit and find a safe space to park. Driving on a flat tire will cause some damage to the wheel, but it's a much safer option than having a driver crash into you and your car as you sit on the side of the highway. 

Keep Snacks on Hand

Organize a snack bag for flat tires and other car emergencies and place it in the trunk of your car. Include several bottles of water in your kit. One bottle of water for each member of the family is a great place to start. Concerning food, only include items with a long shelf life.

Your trunk gets hot, so you should also avoid foods that melt, such as fruit snacks. Avoid putting a lot of salty snacks in the kit, such as pretzels. The extra salt will make your child thirsty and cause them to drink more, which will result in more trips to the bathroom.

Since the inside of your car is likely the safest spot to wait, the fewer trips you must make outside, the better. 
Tires fail at the most inconvenient times but having the number of a reliable tow company on hand is convenient in times like this. At Best Wrecker, we want you to add our number to your preparation kit. With round the clock services, we are standing by ready to rescue you. If you’re having car issues, give us a call.